Uniform Programs


Uniform programs
Make your employees stand out for all the right reasons.

As more facilities move to increase security, dress codes have become a way to distinguish different departments and roles within a facility. Through colors and styles, patients can immediately identify staff and new employees know who to report to.

Healthcare facilities choose to invest in corporate clothing for a number of reasons – some practical and some with building a clear professional image. Your facility’s brand should not be restricted, it should extend itself to the physical working space, as identity apparel. Corporate clothing can help to promote your business by making your brand name and logo visible through embroidery and/or screen printing, it can bring your staff together to help create a sense of unity and help give patients confidence in the quality of your products and services. A professional corporate look shows that your staff is ready to do business. Patients and consumers cannot help but to be impressed by a professionally presented member of staff in identity apparel.

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Easy Transition

We make it easy to switch to a dress code by working with you to create a seamless transition for both you and your employees. Our marketing department will work with you to create all materials necessary to effectively communicate to your employees about the transition and what their new dress code will be. Plus, our knowledgeable sales representatives will hold a uniform fitting at your facility to ensure your uniform choices perfectly fit your employees.

Take the guesswork out of your scrub size.

Feel confident in the items you choose for your groups with a custom uniform fitting by one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.

We’ll come to your facility to ensure that your employees walk away with a new uniform, lab coat or vest that fits them perfectly. We come prepared with multiple styles, colors and fits for your selection and work with you to find what’s best for your group. Once your order has been placed, we’ll take care of any embroidery, the packing and shipping of your items.

Our goal is to have your employees feel confident in their uniforms to perform their work at their best while creating a unified look that will impress your patients.

Dress code transitions
Seamlessly transition
to a dress code.

Switching to a dress code doesn’t have to be stressful with our seamless dress code transition package. We’ll work with your facility to make the transition to a uniform dress code as smooth as possible. From supplying marketing material for your employees to creating a custom website filled with approved styles and colors, we’ll make sure you and your employees are on the same page.

Set yourself up for success by gifting your employees a scrub set or two in their new required uniform colors with our voucher program. Your employees will feel like you took them into consideration when switching to a dress code and will help your employees stick to the new requirements. They can purchase their new uniforms online or in one of our three stores, and our retail associates will be trained on your new requirements to make it easy for your employees to shop.

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